Turkey: Queues at foreign exchange offices – Erdogan does not change his stance


The pound in Turkey continues to “sink” resulting in panic among citizens, while Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains unmoved by monetary policy.

Huge queues formed yesterday at currency exchanges by panicked Turkish citizens trying to protect their economies.

The Turkish president addressed the people yesterday with a 52-minute speech, where, among other things, he clarified that he is not going to change the course of the reduction of interest rates, but as a Muslim he will continue to do what religion dictates.

At the same time, he said that he would not allow the pain and grief of the Turkish people to become a “meze” for the world barons of capital.

“We take the risk”

“Now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of the tree we have been cultivating for the last 19 years. We are taking a risk now, not to say in the future “I wish we had done that”. The pain, sorrow and grief of the people, in order not to let it become a snack in the interests of the world barons of capital, we do not give any importance to their efforts. “We will continue our course,” the Turkish president stressed.

Not only did he deal with the “barons” abroad, but he also attacked the Union of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists, saying that they wanted to overthrow the government, but he would not allow it.

“You are still calculating how you will overthrow this government. And you are not ashamed and you meet with Mr. Kemal (Kilintsaroglou) and you talk about early elections. Do not have hopes all these are dreams, dreams. “You will wait for June 2023”, he said characteristically.



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