Recommendations of the Minister Working in the Municipalities to protect the homeless from low temperatures


The General Secretariat for Social Solidarity and the Fight against Poverty Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on 20/12/2021 sent a letter to all Municipalities of the territory in order to prevent the report homeless at risk because low temperatures during the winter period.

In particular, it was requested from the respective Municipality to designate the closed heated buildings, which will be available for temporary accommodation of the homeless and accessible on a 24-hour basis (or at least on a 12-hour basis during the evening hours from 20:00 pm to 08:00 a.m.) on days with particularly low temperatures.

It should be noted that special care must be taken to comply with the following protection measures and to limit the spread of the coronavirus:

1. Use of a protective mask when entering and staying in the area.

2. Disposal of masks and alcoholic antiseptic solution.

3. Place liquid soap and tissues in each washbasin and foot-operated closed waste bins.

4. Keeping distances of 2 meters between people.

5. Regular ventilation of the space and disinfection of surfaces

6. Heat measurement at the entrance.

7. Oral information and written posting in a visible place of the rules of operation of the space.

It is also recommended to consider the possibility of conducting rapid tests before the entrance and during the stay of the guests in the designated areas.  

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