Germany: Measures to limit contacts from 28 December


A series of measures to limit social contacts after Christmas, from December 28, decides today the Germany, in order to deal with the risk of a new wave of mutation pandemic “Omicron”.

The chancellor, Olaf Solts, meets this afternoon extraordinarily, with them 16 local prime ministers to take action on the basis of the list of measures contained in the proposal of the newly established Scientific Council for Crisis Management.

The measures that will take effect from next Monday include:

  • Only those who have been vaccinated and have a disease certificate have access to gastronomy. The so-called 2G categories. In addition, the obligation of rapid test (2G-Plus) may be imposed.
  • Bars, clubs and discos are closing.
  • All major events and gatherings are canceled – football matches will be held without spectators.
  • Concentrations at home up to 10 people.
  • If there is no vaccine in the family, only two people are allowed.

The last two are recommendations of the political leadership and not mandatory measures.

A general recommendation is a preventive rapid test for all meetings where there are many people.

His suggestions Council of the Chancellery, are based on the scientists’ assessment that the “Omicron” mutation is spreading with an explosive, hitherto unknown, speed and significantly affects more vaccinated and cured.

Response: George Pappas, Berlin  

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