EYDAP: No increase in water prices


It was categorically ruled out the possibility of increase στα water tariffs, due to the energy crisis, by its CEO ΕΥΔΑΠ Charalambos Sachini and the deputy managing director, Anastasios Tosios. In a press conference quoted by the leaders of EYDAP, they analyzed the strategic planning of the company for the next decade, while at the same time they made an account of the activities.

In fact, they clarified that for the next decade Attica is completely shielded against water shortages, due to climate change, thanks to the dams of Mornos and Evinos.

In addition, the two men stressed that for EYDAP, it is a priority to offer quality water supply and sewerage services, with social sensitivity, following sustainable environmental management practices and ensuring the safety of employees, while the goal is the dynamic development of the company focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives.

They analyzed the plan to upgrade the infrastructure and reduce the complexity of the organization, while reducing operating costs to create added value for society.

They made special reference to the acceleration of investments and the wider business plan, as significant development initiatives are expected for the coming years, amounting to 1.1 billion euros, with a vehicle and the Water 2.0 project. The projects foreseen are related to Transformation (175 million), sewerage and recycled water projects in Eastern Attica (700 million) and replacement of water networks to reduce leaks (200 million).

More specifically, according to Mr. Sachinis, the management succeeded in ensuring the viability of the company for the next 20 years after reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with the State, after constructive negotiations between EYDAP, Ministry of Infrastructure and three other ministries. with the significant contribution of the Superfund.

He described as fair and reasonable the sale price of untreated water from the Greek State to EYDAP for the next 20 years -0.089 euros per cubic meter- which is 40% lower compared to the price 2004-2013. This is a “price that will help keep tariffs for consumers,” he said.

In addition, according to Mr. Sachinis, fair and reasonable is also the price for untreated water during the period 2013-2020, amounting to 157 million euros, which can be recovered.

In 2021 the company entered into a new Business Collective Bargaining Agreement, prepared a new organization chart with emphasis on the evolution of the company, concluded a new contract for Psyttalia with significant energy upgrades. In addition, it was agreed to send bills to ELTA for two years, and switch to e-bill, the foundations were laid for the transformation projects, while the projects of Eastern Attica were started in four areas, which will significantly improve the quality of life of 400,000 inhabitants. but will also help the country get rid of European fines.

Regarding 2022, the goal is the company’s participation in PPPs for the diffusion of EYDAP’s know-how, the flexibility in operation to reduce operating costs, while the introduction of a voluntary exit program for those employees who wish.

In addition, the aim is to formulate the new regulatory framework, to explore new areas of activity and utilization of skills with the aim of developing the market and new services in collaboration with McKinsey.

Also the investigation of optimization of capital structure and possibility of return of capital, but also the concentration of services in a new bioclimatic building with reduced operating costs.

“We continue to work on the transformation of the company in order for it to evolve into a modern, efficient and pioneering organization, which will ensure the effective management of water resources, will create value for shareholders and society, will give priority to the customer and will ensures a fair and dynamic working environment “, said Mr. Sachinis.

The development of projects in eastern Attica

As Mr. Tosios analyzed, 70% of EYDAP’s contracts in Eastern Attica have been auctioned.


Peania: 38 km of pipelines and 1,800 external branches in Glyka Nera have already been constructed.

Pallini: The construction of the sewage network in the areas of Anthousa, Gerakas and Pallini has started, 172 km long and with a budget of 28 million euros and an estimated duration of 48 months.

Rafina: The construction of a sewage network in the areas of Rafina, Kallitechnoupoli and Neos Voutzas has started, with a budget of 31.6 million euros and an estimated duration of 40 months.

Pikermi: The construction of a sewage network has started, in the areas of Pikermi, Drafi, Dioni, with a budget of 16.5 million euros and an estimated duration of 36 months.

Nea Makri – Marathon: The tender for the construction of sewerage networks in the areas of N. Makri and Marathon of the Municipality of Marathon, with a total length of 178 km, has been completed. The project contract, with a construction budget of 56 million euros, is expected to be signed in February 2022 40 months.

The tender process for the assignment of the final study of the sewage network in areas of South Pallini (Leontari – Kantza – Agios Nikolaos – Kato Balana) is in progress, the construction cost of which is estimated to exceed 15 million euros.

Finally, the tenders for the Wastewater Treatment Center (KEL) Rafina-Pikermiou-Spaton Artemida (budget 90 million euros), for the KEL and the sewage transfer projects of the Municipality of Marathon (budget for 52 million euros) are expected to be announced. sewerage network of Kapandriti & Afidnes areas of Oropos Municipality, 45 km long (budget 29 million euros).



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