RIS: The second cycle of the largest Urban Reform program begins


With 128 Local Urban Plans and 8 Special Urban Plans starts the second season of the emblematic for the country Urban Reform Program “Konstantinos Doxiadis”, with a total budget of 401.05 million euros, as announced by Undersecretary of PEN, responsible for Spatial Planning and the Urban Environment, Nikos Tagaras. The second cycle includes most of the Peloponnese, Attica, Crete as well as islands of the Ionian and Aegean Seas.

With the contribution of the TEE, it provides for the determination of land uses in over 70% of the country, while it concerns over 50% of the total studies.

“We are resolutely evolving the unprecedented and emblematic – in extent, time frame and budget – urban and spatial planning of the country, through funding from the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability, to bring order to the area, protecting the Environment, with strong institutional shielding the Council of State “, said Mr. Tagaras.

“The Urban Reform Program is a national bet that we owe the State, Local Government and technical world to win together for the benefit of our country. “There is no time to lose and we are determined not to lose a single day,” he said.

As the Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Efthymios Bakogiannis, emphasized: spatial management, while in parallel with the legislative initiatives that are undertaken at regular intervals, an effort is made to eliminate the overlaps and contradictions between the projects of different level. The second cycle includes more than half of the studies that will be announced in total and is a great challenge for the Technical Chamber of Greece because for the first time in history such a large number of studies is announced in such a short period of time “.

On his part, the president of the Technical Chamber of Greece – which has been appointed by the RIS Contracting Authority for the implementation of the Program – George Stasinos, said: “The TEE has highlighted for decades the need to complete the country’s urban planning. With the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the country has the opportunity to do what has not been done in the last 40 years. The TEE no longer dwells only on proposals, it contributes and assists the State and the implementation of important reforms, in practice. In collaboration with RIS, we are advancing the ambitious program of completion of TSIs and EPS throughout the country. In addition, we are moving forward with the Single Digital Map, the National Register of Infrastructure, the digitization of building permits, creating a digital future for the issues of urban planning and spatial planning in the country, with integrated planning and clear rules, so that everyone can do their job quickly and safely. of law “.

Order in Space – Environmental Protection – Legal Security

The purpose of the “Konstantinos Doxiadis” Urban Reform Program is the rapid completion of urban planning for over 70% of the country – where the planning either does not exist or is obsolete – with legal certainty, while protecting the natural, cultural environment and biodiversity .

The complete and modern studies of TPS and EPS establish land uses, building conditions, protection areas, areas for the development of productive activities, stream delimitations, areas of special urban incentives, transport and construction networks. At the same time, measures are envisaged to deal with the climate crisis, to support emergencies and to manage the consequences of natural and technological disasters.

It is emphasized that for the elaboration of the TSI studies:

– Four rounds of assignments are foreseen with 229 distinct studies covering a total (spatial and geographical) 768 Municipal Units throughout the territory.

– The selection of the Municipal Units that participate in each round of assignments has emerged based on the requests of the Municipalities that have been submitted to RIS and the relevant conclusion by the Evaluation Committee that has been set up for this purpose.

Respectively, the EPS study elaboration programs are proposed by the Directorates of Urban Planning and Planning of Metropolitan, Urban and Suburban Areas with RIS in order to solve chronic problems as well as the radical and effective treatment of special, emergency and emergency situations. the promotion of projects and programs of supra-local or strategic importance, urban regeneration or environmental protection programs, dealing with serious consequences of natural disasters and interventions in the framework of programs co-financed by the European Union.

Regarding the tender procedures, as clarified by Mr. Tagaras: means offered by Law 4782/2021 for the control of unusually large offers “.

Finally, the Undersecretary stressed: “In the other bidding rounds – starting from the second round of TSI and EPS studies – will be used as a criterion for the award of contracts, that of the” most economically advantageous bid “based on the best value for money ( 80% -20%). This means that the Technical and Financial bids of the bidders will be evaluated for which a weighting factor will be set. We want an even result and quality and speed “.


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