“Up to 300 trains were stranded”


With the participation of 10 unions, from the railways where 300 train routes were canceled, to schools and ministries, it started the “first feminist strike”, in Spain, on the occasion of Women’s Day. The actress stated in favor of the mobilization Penelope Cruz but also five women ministers, but Mariano Rajoy’s ruling center-right party said the strike was aimed at “feminist elites and not real women with everyday problems”.

International media coverage:

From Pharaoh’s first wife, until Malala Youfsafzai where in 11 years old defied the Taliban by claiming the right to education, the Deutche Welle selects 10 of the most important women in history.

The French daily newspaper Liberation increased its price only for men. Women today normally buy it for € 2, while men are 50 cents more expensive, “paying” the gender gap and wages, as highlighted in the article.

From the naked FEMEN of Russia, the victims of sexual abuse who spoke publicly as members of Metoo are mentioned by the agency Reuters.

The American network attempts a historical look at what female beauty means CNN.

The network refers to women holding the reins of the state and the percentage that is increasing Al Jazeera.

Female professional photographers at their best are the subject of choice by Bloomberg.

Commission: “We are not there yet”

With the phrase “we are not there yet”, her annual report European Commission shows that progress in some areas is lagging behind: The majority of women still have family care, the pay gap between the sexes has stuck on average around 16% for years and the violence against women remains a problem.

“With the adoption of new legislation, the Commission is promoting the settlement of the gender pay gap and the suppression of violence against women, under the Istanbul Convention,” said First Vice-President Frans Timmermans.



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