Rector of AUTh: “Innovative method to detect the Homicron mutation”


The rector of AUTh, Nikos Papaioannou, spoke to, who appeared moderately optimistic about the pioneering method of locating the Omicron mutation.

As mentioned so far is being examined the positive sample with Ομικρον and very soon the research team will have the announceable results.

«Yesterday, today and tomorrow the material is “standardized”, in which we know that the Omicron mutation exists and it reached us from Athens. We will have the results very soon and I want to believe that this pioneering effort of our team will have a positive result», emphasizes the rector.

The rector sees a slow de-escalation

Speaking about the course of the pandemic, Mr. Papaioannou noted that «Unfortunately, the epidemiological burden is still high. We must all continue to be very careful. Especially now that we expect the Omicron mutation to come. The latter is coming and this is expected to happen in the coming days».

For the magnitude of the concern to be caused stressed that: “We need to look at the behavior of the Omicron mutation in relation to the morbidity and mortality of the unvaccinated, as well as the level of protection that the third dose of the vaccine creates in society against this mutation. It is also important to consider the role of Omicron in re-infections, that is, what behavior it will have in them. “

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