Omicron: What are the first symptoms?


The new mutation of the “Omicron” coronary that is spreading rapidly has caused concern around the world – First symptoms

The pandemic is peaking, the new Omicron mutation has appeared in South Africa, is slowly spreading around the world, and in Europe strict measures such as λόκνταουν.

The British Mirror, as the Omicron mutation is galloping in Britain, based on the health science company Zoe, published today the symptoms the disturbing variation of this.

In particular, he initially points out that while the symptoms for Covid-19 for someone who was infected with the strain Delta (and some other executives) appear in between five and 14 days, the symptoms of the mutation Ομικρον may appear earlier.

The 5 symptoms of Omicron mutation

The first symptoms that may occur in just 48 hours after someone has been infected with the Omicron mutation include the following and in that order, according to research by Zoe Covid Study in Great Britain:

  • runny nose
  • dry throat
  • headache
  • fatigue and
  • sneezing

However, no one can say for sure how dangerous the mutation is Ομικρον. The WHO continues to stress that the data are not enough to draw safe conclusions.

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