Ecumenical Patriarch appeals for vaccination


Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appeals to those who have not been vaccinated to do so, in his Christmas message. In fact, he urges “to follow the protection measures proposed by the health authorities”. Because, “science, as long as it functions as a deacon of man, is a precious gift from God.” In addition, he points out that we should not be led astray by the irresponsible voices of the unprofessional and the self-proclaimed representatives of God and the true faith “spiritual counselors”, but bitterly self-defeating because of the lack of love for the brother, who risk his life ».

The message of the Ecumenical Patriarch in detail:

Collaborating brothers and blessed children,

Arriving again at the all-glorious feast of the Incarnation of the Savior Christ, who visited us from above, we glorify His name in psalms and hymns. The Incarnation of the pre-eternal Word of God is “the capital of our salvation”, the superfluous “eternal mystery” of the divine-human society. God, as Saint Maximus the Confessor says in a wonderful way, “as a philanthropist from the human essence, truly a human being, the fact that a human being in a way remains for all I have unexpressed;

The Divine Incarnation, together with the revelation of the truth about God, reveals both the truth and the final destination of man, the deification by grace. Theologically, Agios Nikolaos Kavasilas declares that Christ “showed the true man and perfect first and only”. Since then, the one who honors God must respect man, and the one who despises man disrespects God, the recipient of the eternal nature. In Christ, the theological discourse on God is at the same time the discourse on man. The incarnate Divine Economy definitively nullifies the image of God as the tyrant, punisher and adversary of man. Christ is everywhere, always and everywhere the denial of man’s denial and the defender of his freedom. The life of the Church, as the flesh undertaken by the incarnate Son and Word of God, represents, expresses and serves this all-encompassing mystery of god-humanity.

Under the banner of the “other creature” of man in Christ and the renewal of the sympathy of creation, the Church still gives today the good testimony against all the developments, which threaten the sanctity of the human face and the integrity of creation, living and preaching. of genuine spiritual life and the culture of love and solidarity. Giving a speech “about hope in me”, he does not consider modern civilization as the new sinful Nineveh, referring to Jonah as the divine minion on him and his annihilation, but he fights for his transformation in Christ. In our time, pastoral imagination is required, dialogue not contradiction, participation not abstention, concrete action not eerie theory, creative reception not general rejection. All this does not work to the detriment of spirituality and worship life, but highlights the inseparable unity of the so-called “vertical” and “horizontal” dimension of church presence and witness. Fidelity to the tradition of the Church is not a confinement in the past, but an exploitation of the experience of the past in the present.

And in the incident year, the Covid-19 coronary pandemic swept through humanity. We praise the God of mercy, the expert scientist in the development of effective vaccines and other drugs to deal with the crisis, and we call on those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so, and always follow the protection measures proposed by the health authorities. Science, as long as it functions as a human deacon, is a precious gift from God. We should gratefully accept the gift and not be carried away by the irresponsible voices of the unprofessional and self-proclaimed representatives of God and the true faith “spiritual counselors”, but bitterly renounced because of his lack of love for life. at great risk.

Dear brothers and sisters,

With an unwavering belief that the life of each of us and the course of all humanity is directed by the God of wisdom and love, we look forward to a happy 2022, which, regardless of external facts and developments, will always be a year of salvation for us. insofar as this is how the course of things is directed by the always charitable economist Christ, “every human being wants to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth”.

The blessed Lord, during the Holy and Holy Week of the coming year, will take place in the all-pervading Center, the Sanctification ceremony of Agios Myros. We consider ourselves uniquely divine free to our Mediocrity, that we will be required to add to this solemn and all-encompassing ritual for the fourth time during our humble Patriarchate. Praise be to God always!

With these feelings, reverently worshiping the child Jesus born in Bethlehem, we turn our thoughts to our fellow Christians there and pray for the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all who live in the Holy Land.

Nevertheless, we wish you all, near and far, blessed the Holy Twelve Days, and healthy, well-to-do in good deeds and full of divine gifts, the new one of the usefulness of the Lord, O the glory and the state. Amen.  

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