US $ 580 million extra to fight pandemic


More than half a billion dollars will be given by the United States of America for additional assistance to international organizations in order to fight the coronation and in particular the ‘invasion’ of the Omicron variant, as announced today by the head of the American diplomacy Anthony Blinken.

“The rapid spread of the variant Ομικρον strengthens the need to continue to accelerate our efforts to put an end to this pandemic because no one among us he is not protected as long as we are not all protected“, he said. “The world is at a critical juncture in our global response to this virus.”

THE Foreign Minister clarified that it will now have an exchange of views with its counterparts in other countries in order to “coordinate” the international response to new variant which has already dominated among the new infections in the US territory. “I urge my counterparts to abide by and strengthen their commitments in the fight against pandemics. “We have to act together, we have to act fast.”

The $ 580 million intended for seven Multilateral services raise US aid to $ 19.6 billion, according to the State Department.

Anthony Blinken said it was, in addition to the 330 million doses of vaccineshared by Washington with the rest of the world, for a “significant contribution to turn these vaccines into vaccines, to strengthen public health facilities, to support communities in need, and to provide life-saving emergency assistance.” .

The extra money is intended mainly for him World Health Organization ($ 280 million), which returned to the center of the United States strategy under the chairmanship of Biden after the rupture caused by its predecessor Donald Trump. THE Unicef, in turn, will receive 170 million. to assist in its efforts to vaccinate vulnerable populations.


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