Coronavirus: Omicron cases on the rise in France (vid)


The French government is investing in vaccination, not restrictive measures

The spokesman for the French government, Gabriel Atal, spoke of the Omicron mutation and said that it initially represented “10% of infections this weekend, today we are probably beyond that and far beyond in some regions, especially in Ile-de-France, especially in Paris”.

He went on to say that “More than one in three cases (of Covid-19) appears to be associated with the Omicron variant.”

Cases in France reach 537 per 100,000 inhabitants, Mr. Atal said. What the government wanted was to ratify the vaccination certificate bill on January 5, so that “Finally adopted before the end of January” but “An extraordinary cabinet meeting will take place next Monday at which the draft law will be presented”.

Last Friday, French Prime Minister Jean-Castex said a bill was expected to be tabled “in early January” to turn the health certificate into a vaccination certificate, as a negative test is no longer enough to enter some areas with a negative. test

The introduction of a health certificate had sparked heated debate in parliament, which in November extended its validity until July 31, 2022, after the April presidential election.

Yesterday, some numbers were published which showed that more than 3,000 patients need hospitalization for coronavirus. What the government wants is to increase vaccinations, showing that it is investing in the vaccine and does not want to take action on travel and activities.

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