Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Funding over 3 million euros in 15 municipalities


Fifteen works in an equal number of municipalities ensure financing, total height above EUR 3 million, with decisions signed by Deputy Minister of the Interior, Stelios Petsas.

In particular, the “Philodimos II” program includes eight projects totaling 1,949,800 euros:

* Supply of electric lighting for the Waterfalls of the Municipality of Edessa

* Undergrounding of the electricity distribution network, for the aesthetic upgrade of the Electricity Distribution networks in the cohesive settlement of the Municipality of Lipsi.

* Replacement and upgrade of the electromechanical equipment of the wastewater treatment plant EEL of Panormos Tinos.

* Internal road construction in D.D. Kotylis Municipality of Nestori.

* Purchase of a plot of land for the construction of an indoor Gym – Sports Center, in Velestino, Municipality of Riga Fereou.

* Improvement and harmonization works of school buildings of the Municipality of Trikala.

* Energy upgrade, roof replacement and renovation of the yard of the school complex of Platanos, Municipality of Amari.

* Exterior and interior design – equipment of the Center of Culture & History of Kalymnos.

Also, in the framework of the program for prevention and response to damages and disasters caused by natural disasters in the local authorities, financial assistance totaling 1,280,000 euros was approved in seven municipalities of the country.

Specifically, the following are provided:

* 300,000 euros for the Municipality of Rethymno.

* 200,000 euros for the Municipality of Parga.

* 200,000 euros for the Municipality of Distomo – Arachova – Antikyra.

* 200,000 euros for the Municipality of Trifylia.

* 70,000 euros for the Municipality of Serbia.

* 150,000 euros for DEYA Syros.

* 160,000 euros for the Municipality of Nemea.

Mr. Petsas stated in this regard: “We utilize, in the best possible way, the full range of development tools we have for Local Government. Through the PhiloDimos II Program of the Ministry of Interior, we finance projects with a smaller budget, but which have an important imprint on the improvement of the daily life of the citizens, in our islands and in the region. In addition, having from the first moment made the issues of repairing the damage from natural disasters a top priority, we stand by the citizens, supporting the Municipalities that have been affected by natural disasters. And we continue to do so in practice, for as long as they need it. “

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