Xanthos: “A change in strategy is needed for the pandemic” (vid)


The former Minister of Health said that there should be no complacency

The Head of Health of SYRIZA, Mr. Andreas Xanthos, in his intervention in the Social Affairs Committee of the Parliament, where a bill of the Ministry of Health is being discussed, said that the government should take measures for the operation of the public gathering places and that it should change its strategy and there should be no complacency.

“The government stubbornly refuses to understand that this crisis, the pandemic, will last for a long time and even its management wants different treatment. We see the Commission, the WHO and Greek scientists like Mr. Tsiodras warning that we have an impending wave. All other countries are on alert and despite having more resilient health systems are planning horizontal restrictive measures in anticipation of the holidays. And we have a different direction, saying that we have a recession of the phenomenon. “Where does this come from when we have so many intubated people?”

“Strategy change required”

Regarding the way it is dealing with the pandemic, the government said that there should be no climate of complacency.

“The government says we do not need to take additional measures and we will see them after the holidays. We need to tighten the operating conditions of public gathering and entertainment venues. We can not go with this climate of complacency. We will have a huge problem next time. A change of strategy is needed. “

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