Italy: Negative nurse vaccinated with empty syringes


The action of a negative nurse in a vaccination center in Sicily was revealed by the Italian police thanks to the use of a hidden camera that revealed that the woman was not administering the drug of the vaccine against COVID-19.

In particular, this nurse emptied it liquid from syringe in cotton and then pretended to get the vaccine normally and thus allow the deniers (who were given it by 100 to 400 euros each) to secure a vaccinated green pass.

The nurse was arrested, along with him Giuseppe Acetta, member of the Sicilian anti-vaccination movement and with a detergent dealer.

Prosecutors are now trying to determine how many fake green passes were issued, thanks to these non-existent vaccinations. According to the first data, the “clients” of the nurse included one police officer and another nurse, who also worked at a vaccination center in Sicily.

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