In March, the trial of Petros Filippidis for three acts of sexual violence


In trial In front of him MOD for three categories of serious sexual violence is referred to actor Petros Filippidis, by decision of the Council of Misdemeanor Cases.

The Judicial Council, with a decision, accepted the proposal of the prosecutor Efthymia Stamou, who suggested the referral of the prominent actor, temporarily detained for the case, for a rape and two attempted rapes against his female colleagues.

The proposal points out that the three women who complained about the artist refer to facts and rejects Mr. Filippidis’ claim that the victims turned against him “for reasons of publicity”.

According to the case file against him, the actor allegedly raped a colleague in 2008, an act that was done twice, as well as attempted to rape two other actors, in 2010 and 2014. In two of the cases the acts were performed in his dressing room, where for professional reasons his colleagues were there, while in the third case he tried to rape a colleague in his car, after a business meeting he had with the then unemployed, I was suffering.

The actor has been detained since last July after his apology, as an investigator and a prosecutor judged, among other things, that he is suspected of committing new crimes. According to the judicial authorities, the accused could repeat the same offenses if he returned to his professional duties, a fact which, according to his pre-trial detention decision, follows from his “long period of activity, from 2008 to 2014, during which is said to be taking advantage of the position of director – charismatic and exercising power, to proceed with acts against sexual dignity to the detriment of its victims “.


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