The Most Expensive Divorce in History: The Emir of Dubai Pays Gold Compensation


THE Emir of Dubai, ο σεΐχης Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, was sentenced by British justice to pay more than 640 million euros to his ex-wife and their children, the largest divorce claim ever awarded by a British court.

The 72-year-old head of the government of the United Arab Emirates will have to pay a lump sum of 1 251.5 million (approximately € 300 million) to his sixth wife, Princess Haya of Jordan, 47 years old. He will also have to give their children, 14-year-old Al Jalila and 9-year-old Zayed, a total of 290m pounds (more than 340m euros) to cover their food, education and security costs.

«Given their status and the threats of terrorism and abduction they face (…) they are particularly vulnerable and need enhanced security“, Assessed Philip Moore, president of the family court in his decision today. He added that “the main threat they face (the children) comes from the emir himself and not from external sources». Princess Haya «does not seek compensation for herself but for her safetyAnd to compensate for her assets she lost after the dissolution of their marriage, Moore explained.

During her testimony before the court, which lasted almost 7 hours, Haya had stated that she was asking to be paid a large sum of money in order to be able to escape, she and their children, from the influence of the sheikh.

This court decision is the latest development in court series that began when the princess fled Dubai to Britain in April 2019 fearing for her safety, after starting a relationship with one of her bodyguards, and a month after she filed for divorce from the emir.

The Supreme Court ruled in October that Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum ordered his wife’s cell phone monitored both of its British lawyers through Pegasus software.

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