OAED: Until 31/12 business applications for the program of gaining work experience with 100% subsidy for young unemployed


On Friday, December 31, 2021, the deadline for submitting electronic business applications for the 900 remaining positions of the program of acquiring 7 months of work experience of unemployed 18-30 years with 100% salary subsidy and insurance contributions in the Regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, North Aegean expires Thessaly and Central Greece.

Specifically, as OAED states in a relevant announcement: “70% of the total 3,000 positions that have been advertised have already been filled, giving young people the opportunity to gain valuable experience, upgrade their qualifications and prepare for entry into the labor market.

Beneficiaries are registered in the unemployed registers of the Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2) of OAED based in areas of responsibility of the above regions, aged 18-30, graduates of any educational level. The aim of the action is to enhance young people’s access to the labor market and to halt the outflow of scientific labor.

The program, with a budget of 20 million euros, lasts 7 months and OAED pays the beneficiaries a monthly compensation equal to the minimum net salary (with full insurance contributions), as well as a proportion of holiday gifts and leave allowance.

The companies are classified according to the number of their employees, as follows:

A necessary condition is that the company has not reduced staff due to termination of employment contract in the 3 months before submitting the application. The companies that are interested in participating, submit an electronic application through the website of the Organization: https://www.oaed.gr/proghrammata-anoikhta ».


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