Doctors and EFKA employees among those arrested for the circuit with disability pensions


Store manager of the National Social Security Agency (ΕΦΚΑ), three employees of, three doctors associated with Disability Certification Center, and a lawyer – the daughter of the first – are among the seven people arrested in Thessaloniki, accused of taking “starters” to “inflate” applicants’ disability rates in order to receive higher pensions.

The case came to light after many months of investigation by the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces of the Hellenic Police. According to information from APE-MPE, the case file includes a total of 69 people, including several doctors.

The seven arrested were taken at noon to the prosecutor of the first instance of Thessaloniki, who prosecuted them for two crimes and a series of misdemeanors, while he then referred them to apologize to the Special Investigator of Thessaloniki, from which they received a deadline for Christmas, Friday. Until then, they remain in custody.

The charges against them relate to the following acts: criminal organization, bribery and extortion, false testimony, fraud against the State, violation and use of official secrecy, trafficking – influence (the old law on intermediaries), forgery of a public document, etc.

According to the case file, the “tariff” for each interested party was reported to reach up to 2,000 euros, while, according to information, cases of “cutting” debts for insurance contributions to individuals are also described.

Official announcements about the case are expected to be made in the next few hours by EL.AS.

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