Sweden – Government takes new steps – Fear Omicron outbreak


Sweden will ask all workers to work from home if possible, and will impose tougher measures on social alienation, the government announced today as it raises restrictions aimed at curbing the rise in new Covid-19 infections. .

Increase in infections

The number of new cases in Sweden, which caught the world’s attention last year by choosing not to impose strict quarantine, has risen in recent weeks following a calm autumn, when most restrictions were phased out.

Although hospitalizations and the number of patients in need of intensive care remain among the lowest per capita in Europe, they are also beginning to increase.

“We must now take responsibility together and adapt to the new reality,” Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson told a news conference. “I understand that many are tired of it, as I am, but now we have a new variant of the virus, which means we are in a new situation.”

Maybe 15,000 cases a day

Meanwhile, new forecasts from the Public Health Organization on how the pandemic will develop have shown that the rate of new infections will continue to rise in the coming weeks and will peak in January.

Sweden could see more than 15,000 Covid-19 cases a day in the worst-case scenario in mid-January, a record number, according to new forecasts released today.

In previous waves of the pandemic, day-to-day infections had peaked in just over 11,000 cases.

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