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response: Achilleas Patsoukas

The presidents of Russia and France had a telephone conversation, Vladimir Putin and Emanuel Macron. The Russian president congratulated his French counterpart on his birthday, while they also exchanged wishes for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

According to his official announcement Kremlin, continued to discuss issues of enhancing stability and security on the European continent.

In this context, priority was given to draft agreements between Russia and the United States on security guarantees and an agreement on security measures between Russia and its Member States. NATO, which were sent to the relevant recipients, including the French side, and subsequently published by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Vladimir Putin briefed Emanuel Macron on the work of Russian diplomacy on this issue.

The two leaders also discussed the problematic situation that had arisen during the settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict, which was caused by Kiev’s reluctance to comply with the Minsk agreements.

The Russian President stressed that the possibility of holding a new summit in the form of “Normandy” depends on the specific steps taken by the Kiev authorities to implement the Minsk package.

The situation in Mali was discussed on the initiative of E. Macron.

Putin and Macron exchanged views on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue and expressed their satisfaction with the stabilization of the situation and the efforts made to establish a peaceful life, the restoration of economic and transport ties in the region.

It was noted that Russia and France are working on these issues, while in the future they intend to act simultaneously, while on the initiative of the French president the situation in Mali was also discussed.

For his part, Vladimir Putin drew attention to the restrictions to which the Russia Today news channel continues to be subject.

For this reason, he expressed the hope that the Russian channel will have the same opportunities to operate without any discrimination provided to the French media in Russia.


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