Coronavirus: Mosialos’s position on Omicron and protection against certain vaccines (vids & pic)


What he wrote about AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines

LSE Health Policy Professor Elias Mosialos posted on his Facebook account what has been said in recent days on the Omicron mutation and vaccines, and made specific reference to AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Details of what he wrote:

«Since last year, it has been reported in several media that the two doses especially of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines do not protect us from the micron variant.

This has created a lot of confusion for many. And they think that the third dose they will do with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine will be essentially like giving the first dose. That is, that the 2 doses they already did were useless.

But this is not the case.

The 3rd dose with mRNA vaccine, to put it simply, ‘steps on the 2 previous doses’, or otherwise ‘builds on the pre-existing protection’ we have after the vaccination. In addition, it does what is needed now: it creates an adequate titer of antibodies in preventing severe infection, but also preventing mild infection in over 70% of those taking the third dose.

Why was this confusion created after what was heard from some media?

Let’s say once again what vaccines do.-They contribute to the absence of an initial infection
-If there is an infection, they contribute to it being mild and not serious
-They reduce the chance of spreading from those who have been vaccinated and then stuck to others.

What do we know about AZ and JJ and omicron vaccines?

AZ and JJ vaccines appear to fail to stop the initial micron infection, and this is the case with a large percentage of mRNA vaccines, as we know from laboratory rather than clinical data.

We also know that these two vaccines fail to prevent mild infection (again from laboratory and not clinical data). However, there is no research that proves that they do not reduce the chance of a serious infection. and this is the most important.

If they therefore reduce it which is very likely, then there is much less cause for concern.

And to say again that cellular immunity is what is responsible for our long-term immune response. And there is no research so far that measures the cellular immunity induced by these vaccines against the micron.

The only thing that is certain so far is that the defense after the third dose with mRNA vaccine, after the previous 2 doses of AZ, multiplies the titer of antibodies at levels that are considered sufficient to prevent serious infection, and for the micron.

So what do the existing data say:1) Regarding the protection offered by the vaccine, while we know that the 2 doses do not prevent the mild infection, we do not know the levels of protection against the serious infection, nor for the cellular immunity.

Therefore, those who say that vaccines do not protect us at all should be more careful until we have all the data.2) The first 2 doses of AZ and JJ are not useless. “It is a prerequisite for building adequate protection against the micron with the third dose with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.”

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