Belgium – Extraordinary meeting of the Micron Consultation Committee – What measures are being considered


The Consultative Committee in Belgium is meeting tomorrow, considering additional restrictions due to the spread of the “Omicron” mutation. According to Belgian media, the following proposals are on the table:

Catering and teleworking

• The restaurant closes at 20.00 instead of 23.00

• Return to the “bubble” and the specific number per guest per household

• 100% teleworking

• Cancellation of all events over 200 people

• Close the focus if the situation worsens in relation to the “Omicron” variant

• Closing unnecessary businesses and professions that have contact with the public

• Purchases with a maximum number of customers per store

The cases

It should be noted that the data on cases recorded in Belgium show a decrease compared to last week.

In particular, the daily average number of cases reaches 8,365, between December 11th and 17th, reduced by 35%, compared to the previous week.

Hospital admissions average 190 per day, down 30% from December 14-20.  

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