Madagascar – Rescued after 12 hours of swimming – Crashed into a rescue helicopter that crashed


A helicopter has crashed off the northeast coast of Madagascar, leaving two people missing, but the other two occupants have been rescued. Among them was the Undersecretary of the Gendarmerie, who swam for 12 hours to reach the shore, as it became known by the police and port authorities of the country.

The helicopter carried a total of three gendarmes, one of whom was also a pilot. One survived as he was shot at the same time as his deputy, General Serge Jelle. The other two are ignored.

The helicopter was heading to Anceraka, a community in northeastern Madagascar, near which a ship carrying 130 people sank off Monday morning. 45 of the shipwrecked were saved. So far, the bodies of 39 passengers have been found, according to General Zafisabatra Ravawi. Investigations are ongoing to locate the approximately 50 missing.

The Undersecretary and Gendarmerie who survived the helicopter crash were spotted separately on Mahambo Beach, about 75 kilometers north of Toamasina, according to Coast Guard Chief Jean-Edmond Radrianandenaina, who said the two survivors were not they were together “.

“It’s not time for me to die yet, thank God (…) and the people and fishermen of the Mahabad,” Serge Zele said in a video, which was taken care of by locals. Clearly tired, wearing a chores and lying on a deck chair, the 57-year-old general said he was not injured, “just cold.” “I could get a job again in 24 hours,” he assured.

General Ravani, a close associate of Zele, explained that the Undersecretary had always played sports and had great endurance. “He kept the same pace of life even when he became a minister, as if he were 30 years old. “He has a steely morale, he was hit by the waves and he was not afraid,” he added. Jelly used the helmet of the helicopter seat as a life buoy.

General Zelle served in the gendarmerie for 30 years and only took over as deputy minister last August, in the reshuffle of government made by President Andriy Rajoelina.

The causes of the helicopter crash remain unclear.

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