New Auxiliary Fund: From 1/1/22 with 40,000 new entrants in the labor market


With 40 thousand new entrants in the labor market begins its operation from 1/1/22 new Auxiliary Capital Insurance Fund. The insured through the website and with the codes of TAXIS will have personalized information for his individual best man to be created by monthly contributions which in total for employer and employee amount to in 6%.

According to information from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Priorities in the first months of 2022 are: the organization chart of the new fund, the operating regulations, the communication with the insured, the collection of contributions, the appointment of the first Board of Directors of TEAKA and the investment program.

Especially for the investment in 2022 the money will be deposited in Bank of Greece with performance 1.5%.

In 2023 – 2024 a predetermined retirement plan will be created and from 2025 they will be available as well additional programs in addition to the default.

From 2027 it will exist register of external administrators. The insured θhas the ability to update his schedule every three years.

The new body will create an Investment Directorate and a Risk Management Directorate that will immediately inform the Board.

Source: ERT, Reportage: Dimitra Kyriazi  

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