Germany: The Omicron mutation brought a mini lockdown


THE Omicron mutation brought mini lockdown to Germany, in order to limit its immediate spread.

The Chancellor of Germany Olaf Solts announced that from 28 December there will be restrictions on gatherings, as up to 10 vaccinated persons will be allowed to attend a private gathering. Children under the age of 14 are not included in the list, while those who have recovered from Covid-19 belong to the same category. As for them unvaccinated, They have the right to receive two more people in their home except those living in the same area.

Alongside, from December 28 spectators are prohibited at sports events, cultural performances, concerts and other public events. This means that the Bundesliga matches will also be held without spectators on the stands.

Clubs and discos will be closed, while teleworking is required where possible.

«This is not the time for parties and hot nights with a lot of people. I understand that no one wants to hear about coronavirus and mutations anymore, but we can not close our eyes to the wave that is coming“, Said Solts.

Hospitals, mobile transport, fire and police should activate emergency plans, while Vaccinations should be continued on Christmas Eve and New Year.


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