Real estate transfers: The Ministry of Finance is planning an extension of one month


More than 15 days, it seems that the extension that the Ministry of Finance is going to give for the signing of the contracts will finally be real estate transfer with Property Values applicable until December 31, 2021.

This was at least hinted at by the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, speaking on the radio station “Parapolitika”.
The minister spoke of a “realistic extension”, so taxpayers would be able to sign contracts at least until the end of January based on current fair values.
But one month does not seem to satisfy notaries, lawyers, builders, brokers, owners-sellers and buyers of real estate as well as professional associations, which demand a six-month extension of the application of the new objective values ​​and the electronic identity of the building.

They claim that there is a large volume of work (documents and certificates) required for the transfer of real estate, as a result of which the interested parties risk being burdened with additional taxes, due to the increase in the fair values ​​of real estate up to 250% in more than 7,000 areas from January 1 .

As noted in their announcement, the parties involved (notaries, lawyers, builders, brokers, owners-sellers and buyers of real estate and professional associations) are participating in “an unprecedented titanic competition to collect the legally necessary documents from various services within the year, most of which are of limited duration. Because several documents are issued at different times, some of them expire when the rest are issued, so they have to be reissued.
The result of all this “Sisyphean martyrdom” is that the individuals and professionals directly involved, despite the continuous progress in the field of digital governance, are in real despair towards Lernaean Hydra of an invincible and uncompromising “certificate rule”.

It is worth noting that the declarations for buying and selling real estate are submitted electronically on the myProperty platform of AADE, while next week AADE is expected to open the platform for the electronic submission of declarations of parental benefits and donations.

Reportage: Costas Tsavalos

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