Pavlakis warns: “Greece is being robbed by Delta, it does not need Omicron”


“Tsunami” comes with the spread of the Omicron mutation according to Doctor-Researcher George Pavlakis

Mr. Pavlakis on the occasion of her condition Portugal with the Delta said: «Unfortunately, this is certain for a country like Greece».

«Greece is plagued by the Delta, it does not need Omicron. We do not know how pathogenic it is (Omicron strain), but it is irresponsible to reassure people about OmicronHe added.

The epidemic waves, explained Mr. Pavlakis are natural phenomena likening them to fires and emphasizing that “we must take action for the coming tsunami».

«No matter what happens, we will not reach the desired levels, but that does not mean that we should not try. The most important thing is that our fellow citizens who have not been vaccinated are convinced by what is happening around them. It will be impossible to avoid the Delta or the OmicronHe added.

Referring to restrictive measures explained that «restrictions are necessary. The faster they are the softer they can be. This winter turned out to be the worst. We will be in much better shape next year. We will live with the coronavirus in the coming years»

In closing, Mr. Pavlakis explained that as long as the pandemic is not treated globally, they will constantly appear new mutations and will hit the whole planet.

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