Five-month suspension of SGI charges, in 4 installments the payment of natural gas – Who cares


After his collaboration Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas and the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Spilios Libanos, measures to protect against the effects of the international energy crisis on agricultural enterprises are being extended which are linked to Medium Voltage.

In particular, from 1 November 2021 until 31 March 2022, Suspension of Utility Charges (SGI) for agricultural enterprises is suspended with the following basic consumption characteristics:

  • Medium Voltage for agricultural use.
  • Medium Voltage for agricultural use, for three-phase power supplies greater than or equal to 85 kVA.

The measure for the support of agricultural enterprises is foreseen in an amendment of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, in the draft law of the Ministry of Development and Investments entitled “Fair Development Transition and Regulation of Specific Depoliticization Issues”.

With the amendment, the Government actively supports agricultural enterprises, which are affected by the large price increases in energy costs. The legislation also stipulates that the payment of SGI charges is suspended for companies with the following consumption characteristics:

  • Medium Voltage Industrial Use> 13GWh.
  • Medium Voltage Industrial Use.
  • General purpose Medium Voltage.
  • Medium Voltage Industrial Use, for three-phase power supplies greater than or equal to 85 kVA.

In application of the measure, Electricity suppliers will not include the relevant SGI charge in the electricity bills of their respective customers. The amount that is not debited is registered in a special field of the account with a note about the suspension of payment.

The SGI charges corresponding to the period November – March aexpected to be repaid when prices in the wholesale electricity market escalate and assessing the needs of the relevant special account. The time and method of payment will be determined by Decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy.

Possibility of 4 doses for natural gas

Also, the amendment is being discussed and voted in Parliament today gas suppliers are given the opportunity to repay, settlement (free and interest-free for them, four equal monthly installments) to the Gas Distribution Network Operators, the financial related to the usage-capacity and energy charges of the Gas Distribution Network that correspond to their customers, for the consumption period from 1.11.2021 until 31.12.2021.

THE Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, stated: “We have made it clear that we will not leave households and businesses without protection in the face of this unprecedented energy crisis that is hitting Europe hard. In addition to the measures we have taken, which exceed 620 million euros for the period September – December, we are extending support to agricultural enterprises connected to the Middle Voltage. We are practically standing next to the primary sector at a time when the cost of electricity is being pushed by the rapid rise in gas prices. In order to permanently and steadily reduce the cost of agricultural production, the Government has instituted incentives to increase the use of Renewable Energy Sources, while at the same time implementing a comprehensive, coherent plan for the rational management of water and reducing the cost of irrigation.

THE Minister of Rural Development and Food, Spilios Libanos, He stated: “From the very beginning, the Government stood by the producers who are experiencing the energy crisis and the increase in production costs. In this context, we have already implemented a triple package: the reduction of VAT on animal feed from 13% to 6%, agricultural oil on cooperatives, young farmers and those involved in contract farming, and now the suspension of SGI payments. . We are ready, if necessary, to take more measures for the practical support of producers. “No one will be left alone.”

Read the whole here amendment

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