Brake the “omicron” for Christmas in the Old Continent


What measures are the countries of Europe taking in view of Christmas – The possibility of implementing new measures after the holidays is open in Greece as well

The uncontrolled spread of the new variant of the coronavirus – which is proving to be dramatically more contagious than any other mutation – has forced a few governments to take particularly harsh measures, even cancel the upcoming Christmas events.

The resumption of harsh restrictive measures for longer and in more countries is on the agenda, with the WHO warning governments to be prepared for another coronavirus storm to sweep Europe.

THE World Health Organization in Europe issued a stern warning to all the countries of the continent, already counting the traces of the new variant in 38 of its 53 total members. The situation on European soil is even more complex, as the “Omicron” variant has already prevailed in United Kingdom, Denmark and Portugal, with their national governments taking immediate protection measures.

Mini lockdown in Germany

Typical – and most recent – is the example of Germany, asUnder pressure from Omicron, German Chancellor Olaf Solz announces tougher measures in country, in view of the holidays.

Among other things, he announced significant restrictions even for the vaccinated and the sick, the suspension of nightclubs, large sports and artistic events without spectators and the cancellation of traditional New Year’s parties.

«The coronavirus does not know since Christmas break. I understand very well those who no longer want to hear about the coronavirus, about variations and mutations, but we can not close our ears and eyes in front of what is coming. This is not the time for big New Year parties. I would like to have more pleasant news to tell you before the holidays “ Mr Soltz said after a meeting with state prime ministers earlier today that “Unfortunately, a dramatic increase in cases is expected in the coming weeks. “The fifth wave is already threatening us.”

Nightlife in Portugal rolled down the aisle

In order to limit the spread of the “Omicron” variant, shutters were lowered yesterday in Portugal nightclubs and bars, while prompting for work from home The authorities recommended for the period from December 26 to January 9, in order to avoid new outbreaks of the virus. In yesterday’s announcements of the Prime Minister of the country, Antonio Costa The demonstration of a negative test for accommodation in the hotels of the country is also included, while the outdoor gatherings will be allowed only per 10 people during the New Year’s Eve.

New measures in Belgium – Today’s meeting

The relevant committee is meeting today in Belgium, considering additional measures due to the spread of the Omicron mutation.

According to Belgian media, the following proposals are on the table:

The restaurant closes at 20.00, instead of 23.00
Return to the “bubble” and the specific number per guest per household
100% teleworking
Cancel all events for more than 200 people
Close the focus if the situation worsens in relation to the Omicron variant
Closing unnecessary businesses and professions that have contact with the public
Purchases with a maximum number of customers per store
It should be noted that the data on cases recorded in Belgium show a decrease compared to last week.

In particular, the daily average number of cases reaches 8,365, between December 11th and 17th, reduced by 35%, compared to the previous week.

Concern in France

The situation is worrying in France, as one in three infections in Paris is now due to the new mutation, while the path of new health measures seems to be followed by Belgium, as the Committee of Experts is meeting today, proposing shutdown of the restaurant at 20.00 instead of 23.00, return to this number per guest per household, teleworking at 100%, cancellation of all events over 200 people, closure of unnecessary businesses and professions that have contact with the public and markets with a maximum number of customers per store.

Mandatory use of a mask in Italy

In Italy, microbiologist Andrea Crissadi argued that the mandatory use of the Ffp2 mask should be decided on all public transport (which is often crowded), in theaters and cinemas. «This mask prevents the transmission of the virus in 98% of cases“, explained.

At the same time, from Milan, the Massive Gallium -for a number of years the person in charge of infectious diseases of Sako Hospital- proposes the extension of the school holidays for a few days after the end of the holidays. He believes that this move could reduce the movement of citizens and, consequently, the transmission of the virus.

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