The 10 most common passwords in Greece – “Break” in just 1 second


What the Nordpass report reveals

NordPass, the password management and cyber security company, has published its annual report with the 200 most common passwords used by people around the world and results were as expected.

The NordPass list, in addition to the 200 passwords, lists how many times each password has been used and how long it takes to crack it.

The first place in the list (worldwide and in the US) is occupied by “123456”, a six-digit sequence that can explain why most of the leaked passwords belong to users from America.

In second place on the world list is sequence of digits “123456789”, while the remaining positions of the 10th are occupied by the codes “12345”, “qwerty”, “password”, “12345678”, “111111”, “123123”, “1234567890” and “1234567”.

It is noteworthy that in Greece too most people choose a sequence of numbers for passwords, the which can be “broken” in just 1 second.

The 10 most common passwords in 2021 in Greece:

1. “12345” was found 211,565 times
2. “123456789” was found 95,138 times
3. “12345” was found 63,560 times
4. “12345678” was found 30,998 times
5. “1234567890” was found 30,718 times
6. “1234567” was found 27,737 times
7. “1234” was found 19,154 times
8. “111111” was found 14,766 times
9. “123123” was found 11,507 times
10. The “password” was found 11,249 times

NordPass researchers also created one index, which ranks the countries from which they had data at three levels of risk: low, medium and high.

They created an interactive map, in which you can see the number of passwords that were leaked per capita.

According to their data, the level of risk in Greece is medium (18,683,651 passwords were leaked, corresponding to 1,774 passwords per capita).

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