Nikos Tzanakis: Maybe in Theophania we have 3,500 Omicron cases


The professor of Pulmonology spoke about the epidemiological situation in the country and the developments in the Omicron mutation

In terms of growth of cases said: «We do not see a dramatic rise and that is pure mathematics. It is the rule of doubling, starting with a small number and ending with something frightening numbers. Denmark with 90% vaccination coverage, had 5,500 cases on December 2 and 13,200 cases were announced yesterday»

«The big problem is that it causes asymptomatic disease in many people, in people who have full or four or five months of vaccination coverage. Omicron and Delta may have no or very few symptoms, and so it goes».

Omicron cases during the festive season

He stressed that antigenic tests are sensitive to Omicron and are able to detect it.

He also noted that the increase in Omicron cases depends on the initial number that exists in the community. For example, if there are 100 cases, a similar increase is expected, while if we have 200 or even 500 cases, then the number goes up much more. He stressed that maybe the Lights cases of Omicron to reach 3,500.

«We are in a wave of Delta, which has not stopped, and in this wave unfolds the problem of OmicronHe underlined.

Commenting on the developments in the Netherlands and the lockdown that exists there: “Some of these countries had stopped using the mask and did not use the vaccination passport and now they have been forced to take these measures. These measures are determined by the indicators that press the system, ie intubation, hospitalization and death. If there is an increase in cases we will wait for the pressure to appear 10 to 15 days later».

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