Minister of Defense for the transfers of officers of the Armed Forces


The transfers of the officers of the Armed Forces are regulated by the current institutional framework, which ensures the integrity and objectivity of the transfers. This was emphasized by the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, answering a question and request for the submission of documents submitted by MPs Andreas Poulas, Costas Skandalidis, Vassilis Kegeroglou and George Arvanitidis on the subject of “Extraordinary Transfers of Eno executives”.

“The placement of executives abroad is implemented without exception according to the provisions of this framework” clarified N. Panagiotopoulos, while he added: “For the placement of executives in Cyprus, the selection of staff is based on the number of points they collect but and the details of their individual file “.

“Exceptions,” he said, “can only exist in the context of the practical care of the service for the staff, and it concerns a small number of executives who are confirmed to face serious and intractable family problems, which is selected, according to the provisions of article 5 of the law. 3883/2010 (AD87), for exceptional placement in Cyprus but after transparent procedures “.

In particular, according to the minister, “the executives selected for placement abroad and in Cyprus serve in staffs of every level of administration, including interdisciplinary units, independent units, warships and other services of the Armed Forces.”

“According to the provisions of the current institutional framework, there is no restriction for the married executives belonging to both in the same or in a different Branch of the Armed Forces, to receive both the foreign bonus, in case both have been selected by the General Staffs. to which they belong “clarified N. Panagiotopoulos.

“In the event that only one of the two married executives has been selected for service abroad and in Cyprus, the other executive expressing the desire for co-service, which is mandatory for the service, does not receive the foreigner’s bonus,” the minister continued.

Regarding any complaints, which have come to the notice of the General Staffs, and concern irregularities in the issued transfers and placements, N. Panagiotopoulos underlined that “the executives, in case they feel wronged, regarding the issued transfer or non-transfer exercise their right to appeal. “

“The submitted appeals,” he said, “are examined in detail by the competent administrative body and then the interested parties are informed without delay about the decision taken.”

“The Ministry of National Defense and the General Staffs are organizations with a purely extroverted character. Therefore, proposals are accepted daily, both by the executives themselves, through the already institutionalized procedures, and by other bodies. “These proposals, which in no case are considered as complaints, are evaluated competently and in the event that it is possible to contribute positively to the resolution of issues, in this case the transfers, they are adopted”, pointed out N. Panagiotopoulos.

“In the context of the above”, he said, “and according to the commitment of the political leadership, the new ministerial decision has already been issued, under data Φ.411 / 12/362832 / Σ.8977 / 08-12-2021 (Β΄5700) , for the scoring of the executives, satisfying requests that had been made, but also correcting errors or omissions that were found as a product of time and conditions “.

“Both the Ministry of National Defense and the General Staffs aim at equal treatment by the service of all executives, at consolidating a sense of justice and meritocracy, at creating a sense of security and safety even for the most skeptical Additionally, having as a central axis the satisfaction “In order to increase the combat capability of the Armed Forces and their operational efficiency, the immediate personal and family needs of the personnel are not overlooked, which, where possible and within the framework of the service, are met,” the minister concluded. .

Besides, answering a question submitted by MPs Vassilis Kegeroglou and Chara Kefalidou on “Introduction to higher education of Greek Cypriot high school graduates operating in Cyprus – Time of stay of officers of the Armed Forces who have been placed on the island” Pan. stressed that the placement for the performance of service in Cyprus in other positions abroad, “is a personal choice of the executives, which in fact does not become mandatory for any executive, especially since before the expression of their desire, they know the study status of their children, in secondary education in Cyprus and have weighed their family priorities, in relation to the service obligations, which derive from the service abroad “.

He also stated that “the requests of the executives, for the exceptionally short extension of their stay, with the sole purpose of enrolling their children for secondary education, are examined and satisfied on a case by case basis, if the business requirements allow it.

He continued: “Any additional discriminatory treatment of both executives and their children, in addition to those provided for in the relevant legislation, may create dissatisfaction, both among other executives and in other social groups, who do not enjoy similar privileges, while At the same time, it is not the responsibility, nor the mission, of the Ministry of National Defense to undertake legislative initiatives for the creation of privileged categories of candidates for the national exams “.

“The General Staffs, at the urging of the political leadership,” he added, “actually support their executives and their families, as the people-centered administration constitutes operational action and not just a set of beneficial measures taken.”

Finally, answering a question submitted by MP Antonios Mylonakis on “Scoring of Air Force Executives”, N. Panagiotopoulos stated that the issue of scoring units and services of the Armed Forces was resolved by the recently issued new ministerial decision. as the current political leadership of the Ministry of National Defense had committed itself “.

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