Third world images in Turkey: Images of Erdogan kissing and burning dollars


In a secular state, they referred to images from Turkey, with Erdogan supporters, taking to the streets with drums and kissing images of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the country’s economy plunges.

Crowds had taken to the streets of Malatya – located in the east of the country – to deify the Turkish president. These are images that would be envied by both North Korea and Kim Jong Un himself.

According to a television broadcast, people took to the streets of the Turkish city with drums, bursting into celebrations and kissing pictures of Tayyip Erdogan. As if that were not enough, they even burned “monkey” dollars!

“God bless our president”

Of course, according to SKAI information, the slogans in favor of the Turkish president were also present, as well as the… praiseworthy statements to his face: “Our country does not need anyone, if we all unite no one can bother us God has us united!” a Turkish citizen told the camera, with the crowd responding by shouting “Amen!”.

At the same time, Tayyip Erdogan, in his statements, promised that the great leap that his government made in the Republic will make it in both art and culture: “In the past 19 years we have made a great leap in the fields of democracy and development. It is indeed an effort, that our success will be written in history. From now on we must focus on art and culture. As well as the education that will contribute to their transmission to the next generations “.  

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