European approval for the mega deal Wind with United Group


The Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition (DG Comp) has approved the acquisition of Wind by United Group. This is another decisive step for the completion of the mega deal, which will overturn the data in the Greek telecommunications market and entertainment-information services.

The British investment group United Group, which recently acquired Forthnet and NOVA, also acquired 100% of Wind, laying the foundations for the creation of a business group that will become a leading force in the industry in the coming years and will star in the Greek market, as well as in fact, it is planned to obtain the available 7th license of a national television station.

United Group is already the leading telecommunications and media group in Southeastern Europe. With its acquisitions in Greece, about 1/3 of its consolidated turnover will take place in the Greek market, where it will have a significant share in mobile telephony – and a smaller share in fixed telephony.

With the acquisition of Wind, it will be able to combine the services of Nova and create a powerful operator that will be number 2 on the internet and pay-TV services.

It is pointed out that Wind has 4.2 subscribers and its turnover exceeds 500 million euros.  

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