Coronaios – Subcutaneous chip works as a vaccination certificate in Sweden


The worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists are to be confirmed by a Swedish company, which created a subcutaneous chip, where the coronavirus vaccination certificate is stored.

Microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden, where thousands have chosen to place chips under their skin, which replace IDs, credit cards or workplace entry cards.

Now the Swedes put in the microchip and the vaccination certificate. Epicenter, a Stockholm-based startup, has perfected this microchip.

Its size does not exceed the grain of rice. It is placed subcutaneously and can be “read” from a smart phone.

The leaders of the company want its wide application.

In a video of the company, Hannes Sjobland, head of the distribution department, shows how it works. He shakes a smartphone a little above his hand, at the point where the chip has been implanted and he is immediately informed about his vaccination status.

“Implants are a very flexible technology that can be used for many different things and at the moment it is very convenient to always have the COVID passport accessible on your implant,” he said in a statement.

On the arm or fingers

“Put the Covid certificate on a chip in your hand or else under the skin. “It is becoming increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of personal information and now you can also insert the Covid certificate into the chip,” the Swedish daily Aftonbladet reported.

The chip can be implanted in various places either on the arm or somewhere on the fingers and if someone who placed it in the hand wants to remove it, this is easy. More than 100 Epicenter employees have implanted a chip in their hand to circulate without ID cards within the company and to use electronic devices such as printers or even vending machines for soft drinks and food.

It is noted that in Sweden the Covid certificate is now used for events of more than 100 people.  

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