Belgium: “The three conditions for compulsory vaccination are not met” – What are they?


“The conditions for compulsory vaccination are not met,” said the Bioethics Committee in Belgium.

The Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee (CCB) issued its opinion yesterday, Tuesday, on compulsory vaccination, at the request of Federal Health Minister Frank Vadenbrucke, according to the newspaper “LeSoir”.

The Bioethics Committee concluded that the implementation of a compulsory vaccination campaign is “acceptable” only if they are met three conditions: compulsory vaccination must be necessary for the application of a global protection strategy, να remove many of the current scientific uncertainties and yes a law is enacted following a debate in parliament. “The Commission considers that these three conditions “They are not being met at the moment,” said Virginia Pirar, a French-speaking co-chair of the CCB’s vaccination committee.

At the same time, “LeSoir” pointed out that while Federal Minister of Health Frank Vadenbruke has spoken out in favor of a vaccination certificate to replace the current “Covid Safe” certificate, for his part, the Belgian virologist Yves van der Waals said:I am not in favor of this slow progression to the inevitable. You must have the courage to say that (s.s. vaccination) is mandatory. We are going step by step with the use of this pass, but except for Robinson Crusoe, no one can live alone, so let’s admit it “.

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