Libya – Presidential elections scheduled for next Friday postponed


A committee of the Libyan parliament responsible for monitoring the presidential elections scheduled for December 24 announced today that it is “impossible” to hold that date.

“After consulting the techniques, the court reports and the security reports, we inform you that it is impossible for the elections to be held on December 24, 2021, as provided by the electoral law,” wrote the chairman of the commission, al-Hady al-Schgayer. report to the President of Parliament. However, he did not suggest another date for the presidential election.

Who will take over the presidency of the parliament?

The committee’s report calls on Parliament Speaker Angila Saleh to re-resign from his post to run for the presidency in order to “restart the political process and redraft the roadmap”. to lead Libya to democracy.

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has not been able to emerge from the chaos, and in recent years there have been two rival governments in the country: one in the east under Khalifa Haftar and a parliament in western Libya, based in Tripoli.

The December 24 presidential election would mark the end of a UN-sponsored political process aimed at closing this chapter of division and instability.

Following the October 2020 ceasefire between the forces of eastern and western Libya, a new, transitional government was formed in early 2021, with the aim of managing the transitional period until the December 24 elections.

Fears of conflict resurgence

Although the postponement of the elections seemed certain for many days, due to disagreements between rival camps and chronic insecurity, to date no official announcement has been made.

Yesterday, Tuesday, armed groups deployed in a suburb of Tripoli, raising fears of a resurgence of conflict.

The main candidates for the presidential election were Gaddafi’s eldest son, Saif al-Islam, the strongman of eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, and the current prime minister and former businessman, Abdelhamid Dibaiba.

Meanwhile, two candidates from Western Libya visited Benghazi on Tuesday, where they met with Caliph Haftar.

The two candidates, the powerful former Interior Minister Fati Basaga and the former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Meitig, arrived this morning at Benina Airport, near Benghazi, the largest city in Cyrenaica.

A Basaga adviser said they were to meet “with MPs, political leaders and tribal leaders”, arguing that the aim of this rare move to Benghazi was to “break down the pre-election obstacles and show that it is possible to unite”. the country.

Meanwhile, the future of the transitional government formed in March is doubtful, as the parliament based in eastern Libya withdrew its confidence from it in September.

The parliamentary committee said in a statement that the caretaker government’s mandate expires on Friday.

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