Call center of the year in 1555


The young man received an important distinction Unified Citizen Service Number 1555 for his labor and insurance issues Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, at National Customer Service Awards, awarded on Tuesday, December 21 by the Hellenic Customer Service Institute (EIEP).

Specifically, in 1555 he received the first Prize in the category Telephone Customer Service Center of the Year. This distinction reflects the successful operation of the call center so far, but also the new culture that it expresses and serves, in matters of citizen service.

“1555 is a turning point in the service of the citizens by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the supervised bodies EFKA, OAED and OPEKA, permanently abolishing the conditions of suffering they experienced before. I am reminded of the pictures with the phones down and waiting in the handset until an employee is found on the other end of the phone line. Images that did not honor anyone and primarily Organizations such as EFKA, which pursue social policy and must respond immediately to the needs of citizens. More than 770,000 calls have already been served within 5 months of operation, free of charge and with a minimum waiting time. So far, 85% of those who call have received an immediate response and their issue has been closed. However, the rest, with more complicated cases, receive an answer after a relatively short period of time. I assure all those who are currently waiting for an answer that they will receive it. And that the efforts of all the experts and officials involved in the matter have been directed at dealing with these pending cases. “Today’s award is a response to those who rushed to challenge this effort, but also another proof that a big step forward has been made”, said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis.

Replacing seven different telephone exchanges and lines that existed before, in 1555 is now the single point of contact of the citizen with the services of the Ministry. It operates on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week and is free for those who call. Having successfully completed a pilot period of 100 days, it now covers all the supervised bodies and services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, namely: EFKA, OPEC, OAED, Social Solidarity Services, Labor Issues (ERGANI), Equality Politiki , as well as the issues of Violence Against Women, where the calls are referred to the special call center 15900.

The main activities of the call center include the reception of citizens’ requests, the provision of information, the recording and resolution of personalized issues, through a ticketing system. Its operation is supported by a total of 1,000 people, Ministry officials, supervised bodies and private sector companies with high know-how and specialization in the design and provision of services.

The operation of 1555 came to cover gaps and chronic problems in communication with the citizen, such as the existence of different telephone exchanges, with opening hours of public services and limited service possibilities. Until recently, the ability to receive calls from various services did not exceed 1,500 per day and the average waiting time was 15 minutes. Today, the call center handles more than 8,000 calls on average daily, and citizens receive an immediate response to 85% of their cases.

In the immediate future, the operation of 1555 will be further enhanced, with actions already underway such as upgrading the website and creating a special digital application for mobile phones, as well as the development of new electronic services.  

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