Germany – Supreme Council of Ethics and Ethics considers compulsory vaccination “reasonable”


The Supreme Council of Ethics and Ethics considers it reasonable to extend the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 “to essential sections of the population”, according to today’s announcement.

How the members of the Council voted

20 of the 24 members of the Council voted in favor of extending the obligation to vaccinate health workers and other “essential” sections of the population in Germany, but stressed that the obligation should be accompanied by further measures, such as free – as far as possible – select the vaccine and ensure sufficient quantities for all. It is also recommended that personal appointments be sent to citizens, that a reliable vaccination record be ensured, and that clear and comprehensible information be provided.

According to today’s announcement, 13 of the 20 members who are in favor of compulsory vaccination, argue that it should apply to all adults who can be vaccinated, while the remaining seven believe that the obligation should be limited to those who adults belong to vulnerable groups.

The Council also emphasizes that high vaccination rates are vital in order to enter a phase of control of the situation, but at the same time notes that the obligation to vaccinate is always a significant detriment to legally and morally protected goods. However, it can only be justified if it is able to mitigate or prevent serious negative consequences of possible future pandemic waves, such as high mortality, long-term damage to the health of large sections of the population or a possible collapse of the health system.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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