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Skate 4 Will Be A Live Service Free-To-Play Game With Microtransactions


EA and developer Full Circle have officially unveiled Skate 4 and the game will be given the striking name skate. The title will also be free to play and will have cross-play support.

It’s been a long time since a skate game came out. Skate 3 came out in 2020 and for a long time, it seemed that it would also be the very last skateboard game from EA. But in 2020, EA officially announced a new title in the franchise and it has now finally been revealed via a video.

skate. is not a sequel or a reboot of the series, but a ‘new platform’ according to developer Full Circle. Players should therefore not expect a new game soon, because the studio plans to build on the game for years, instead of constantly releasing new titles.

Skate Will Be Free-To-Play Game

Probably the biggest announcement for Skate is that the gameplay will be free-to-play. That’s a term that doesn’t normally appeal to everyone, in view of in-game transactions to give high-spending players an advantage, but according to Full Circle, that’s not going to be the case in Skate.

The developer follows four rules for the free-to-play plan, namely: no pay-to-win, no areas behind a paywall, no paid loot boxes, and no paid gameplay benefits. Players can also take advantage of cross-play and save progress across all platforms.

There is no release date for Skate yet, but the developer plans to allow more players into the alpha test for the game in the coming months.

To keep the game exciting, Full Circle intends to integrate some typical live-service features like seasonal drops and live events in addition to looking into additional possibilities.

Skate’s “built on respect, trust, and openness” business philosophy make it look like a worthy successor to the long-dormant series. Thanks to crossplay, cross-progression, and a planned mobile version, along with the free-to-play business model, Full Circle intends for the game to be very accessible. This will enable players to access their characters on whichever platform they happen to be using. So far, Skate’s open development process and early pre-alpha gameplay footage have indicated that the game might end up becoming the anticipated sequel.

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